Certified Shortage Support: Our 4Cs Quality Framework


The ongoing semiconductor shortages have had massive impacts around the world, throwing a wrench into the production of consumer electronics, automobiles, industrial automation, and more. As companies scour their supply chains for available products, many of them are making their first forays into the open market.
But the waters in the open market can be murky and difficult to navigate for some. Inexperienced buyers, in their desperation to find the parts they need, can overlook major red flags and end up paying huge sums of money for counterfeit parts – or worse, no parts at all. Buyers must properly vet their suppliers and educate themselves to avoid this worst-case scenario. And companies can lower their risk and get the parts they need to finish their builds by working with an independent distributor like EES, who has a vast knowledge of the market.
For nearly two decades, EES has been a participant in the semiconductor open market, backed by our commitment to quality and emphasis on proactive supply chain planning. Our operational framework is built on the 4Cs – comprehensive, consistent, continuous, and certified.
In this series, I will break down the 4Cs and discuss how each one plays a vital role during times of shortage, ensuring that the quality of our products is unmatched.
Particularly in times of shortage, customers can rest assured knowing that EES carries some of the highest certifications for counterfeit mitigation. These standards,inform our anticounterfeit processes and procedures and give us a comprehensive framework for testing and inspecting electronic components to confirm authenticity.
Quality is vital across industries but demands even higher prominence when health and safety are on the line – such as in the medical, automotive, and aerospace and defense spheres. EES upholds additional standards for authenticity and reliability, to meet these industries’ stringent security and regulatory requirements.
We have spent more than 15 years developing EES’s framework for quality excellence. In that time, we’ve seen numerous shortage situations unfold and have continued to incorporate new technology, training, and processes into our systems to confirm our products’ functionality and authenticity, so our customers can rest assured that EES has taken the necessary steps to mitigate their risks.

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