Quality programs ensuring reliable procurement and authenticity of components
Meeting your production schedule means nothing if products aren’t authentic. EES’s end-to-end quality management program protects you by vetting and frequently reevaluating suppliers. Our inspection and testing programs prevent counterfeit components from entering your supply chain.
Supplier management
We only source from EES-approved suppliers, and our supplier management program verifies all purchases. To make sure all products are sourced from trusted and proven sources, we investigate and pre-qualify our suppliers. Along with tracking inventory supply/demand, order history, performance, and service fulfillment, we also keep tabs on quality history.
Inspection and testing
Every customer wants to buy components on time and in quantity. Our skilled inspectors conduct thorough visual inspections and testing to guarantee that we meet deadlines and order volumes without sacrificing quality.
Degreed component quality engineers
EES is the world's leading one-stop service platform for electronic components. We employ degreed component quality engineers who are trained on counterfeit awareness, detection and inspection methods, and customer-specific processes.
Value-added services
We offer testing services ranging from custom counterfeit detection, mitigation inspection, solderability testing to D-CAP analysis and more. These can be done in-house or handed over to our partners.
Appearance inspection
We will conduct appearance inspection of all warehousing goods and make detailed inspection records.
• Manufacturer, manufacturer's part number, quantity, production date and environmental standard testing
• Outer packaging inspection, whether the packaging is in good condition/complete, and whether the packaging materials meet the requirements of the corresponding MSL standards
• Screen printing (Marking) inspection, consistency inspection, check original specifications and documentation
• Material appearance inspection, dust condition, whether the pin is deformed, and whether the pin has signs of oxidation
• HS CODE inspection, whether it is consistent with the invoice/packing list information
Engineer review
All suspicious materials found in the visual inspection, or materials supplied by suppliers that are not 'first-tier suppliers' in the system, must be re-inspected by engineers
• Review the visual inspection process
• Refer to quality control database, check manufacturer's label/logo, code identification
• Barcode scanning detection
• Check with the original factory for the Lot No., production date, and the corresponding origin of the wafer/package
• Simple electrical performance test
Quality test
All products that are not identified during the engineer's re-inspection process will enter the quality testing process
• Solderability testing
• D-CAP analysis
• Anatomical analysis
• Electrical performance compliance test
• Original factory test analysis report
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